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Accent XL

Promotes the contraction and remodeling of collagen. Through a balanced diet, reduced salt and caffeine intake and exercise a series of 6 sessions will markedly reduce the appearance of cellulite and lift and tone the thighs, lower abdomen, buttocks and jowl areas. Call for Specials and pricing. Everyday low price for a better looking you.

Signature Spa Salt Glow

Deep sisal exfoliation leaving skin smooth & soft.

Spectra Color Spa System

Refreshing Exfoliation, Hydrating Masks, Serums and O2 Aromatherapy. 

Sweet Lavender & Honey Wrap

100% Lavender and Pure Honey will leave your skin soft and hydrated.

Inch Loss Wrap

This Wrap is ideal when doing the Accent cellulite treatments

(This is not a water depletion treatment. A consultation is required prior to Appt.)

Dead Sea Mudd Wrap

Opens up pores and pulls out toxins detoxifying while deeply moisturizing revealing healthier skin.

Hand & Foot Reflexology

Increase circulation, relieves tension and promotes natural function of related body areas.

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